I can tackle all your carpentry needs, whether decorative or functional, indoors or out.  I'll work with you to create something new or restore something old. 

Windows & Doors

Repairing or replacing windows and doors is an easy way to increase the value, curb appeal, and energy-efficiency of your home. Often it's the little things that make a big difference: replacing cracked panes or glazing, repairing torn screens, rotten sashes, or broken hardware. I'll get your existing windows and doors in good working order, or, install replacements. From initial measurements to finishing work, I'll take care to ensure you're all buttoned up.

cabinetry & furniture

Need new cabinets installed, or maybe given new life with some repair work and a fresh coat of paint? A dull butcher block counter-top refreshed with a sanding and waxing? A mantle tightened up or updated, or maybe a new storage system or built-in devised? My experience runs the gamut, and unlike the big companies, I'll take on small repair jobs and labor-intensive restoration work, in addition to complete remodels.


Whether it’s antique or new, traditional or modern,  molding and trim gives your home personality and style. It's also an art that requires accuracy and attention to detail. When done right, it can completely transform a space.

outdoor & garden

We are a family who's not afraid to get our hands dirty. My wife, Danielle, has designed the garden and outdoor living spaces I've built for ourselves, family, and friends. Our offerings include: raised beds, retaining walls, walkways, planters, sheds, compost systems, custom trellises, decks, fences and more. We can also help with irrigation planning/installation and garden design.


A leaky faucet or old toilet can waste a lot of time and energy for any residence. If it's salvageable, I can repair it, and if not, I'll install the right stuff for your bathroom or kitchen.


It’s a dirty job,  but I’m always ready to do it. I'll assess, repair or replace your drain lines, water lines, fittings, faucets or fixtures.


The needs of your household change over time, and I can help you meet those changing demands. Maybe it's to relocate your washer/dryer so it's easier to access, add a garbage disposal in your kitchen, an extra spigot outside, or a utility sink in the basement. Whatever your situation and specific needs, I'm up for the challenge.


Small electrical projects like installing ceiling fans or light dimmers are no problem, but I'm up for the bigger jobs too.

FIXTURES & appliances

Got a new chandelier or ceiling fan you need installed? Maybe it's an existing or historic fixture that just needs a little work to get it back in order? Look no further. If you finally want to have that vent hood installed or the garage door opener fixed, now's the time!



The right dimmer can not only set the mood, but save you money. It's an easy upgrade that can make a world of difference in terms of ambiance and convenience. The same goes for replacing faulty switches, updating to a three-way switch or even adding adding a new one where you need it most. Those pesky, outdated two- prong outlets can be replaced with a version that meets your needs - with a built-in nightlights for dark spaces, or with tamper resistance for little fingers, for example.

Other Improvements

Insulation | Drywall | Tiling | Flooring | Painting